Our History

In 1996, a small factory, Citotest Labware Manufacturing Co., Ltd was born in East China. Citotest was established and created to become a cost-effective Manufacturer and Supplier for high quality Microscope Slides and Microscope Cover Glass .

Based on a lot of fundamental practice and persistent pursuit during the initial years, Citotest finally made itself well distinguished from other providers of economical products and became popular as a high quality Manufacturer.

In 2002, the founder decided to have the company reformed and established the cooperation with another ambitious Innovator. Since then, Citotest has been expanding to the Manufacture and Supply of many other laboratory consumables and doing exportation independently.

Product Line

Through the great team work of R&D, Manufacture, and Marketing & Sales departments, today, Citotest has already become the first choice provider of high quality microscope slides and microscope cover glass worldwide as well as the leading supplier of laboratory consumables from China with dedication to histology & pathology consumables, microbiology disposables and other general laboratory products.

More than 1000 products are now being supplied and delivered by Citotest to more than 250 customers and distributors over 90 countries and areas . And the brands have already become world-famous and are being oral-interpreted among more and more professional customers, distributors and end users.

Our Values

View the near future, the young Citotest with its growing team will continuously develop our product portfolio to meet more comprehensive customer demands, and commit ourselves to delivering our partners high quality products and exact solutions.

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